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Post Your Gold

You can post your gold to us safely because we are a well established "bricks and mortar" company.  There are three easy steps:

  1. Prepaid envelope for sending your gold to Gold ExchangeContact us by phone or the contact form to request Gold to Cash Pack.  We will make an initial assesment and then send you a prepaid envelope for posting your gold to us.
  2. Once you receive the pack send our gold to us.  The pack includes insurance and the postage is free.
  3. On receipt we will value your gold and give you a quote. All you have to is to agree the quote and we will send you your money.

There is no commitment for you to sell your gold to us.  You can change your mind at any time and we will return your gold to you free of charge.

The assessment we will make will depend on three main things:

  1. The quality of the gold.  This measured in carats, or 24ths of proportion, so 18 carat gold is three quarters gold by weight.
  2. The weight of the article, with the quality this gives the total weight of the gold in the article
  3. The market price for the gold on the day of the valuation

We can't assess these fully until we see the piece, and as the market price fluctuates the value we give you today from one you got a while back.

There any many sites online that you can send your gold to, but be careful whom you choose, some are not all they appear to be.  We have been established with a physical presence in Bishops Stortford since 2008, so you know we exist and have a history of reliability.


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